Home Additions

Consider home additions to expand and enhance your home in Orange County, NY

Are you running out of space? Is your family increasing and you want to keep all your loved ones under your roof? Is your home no longer functional, but you are too emotionally attached to move out? An affordable and practical solution for your lack-of-space dilemmas is home additions! At Cedar Construction in Orange County, NY, we specialize in home additions that are functional, affordable, well-built and designed with attention to detail so they don’t stand out from your existing home construction. Our team has the hands-on experience and talent to build home additions based on your specifications and needs. 

The answer to lack of space

With home additions you can transfer for your home interior and make it look brand new! You can extend your floor, add a new floor with multiple rooms or even add a garage. With home additions you not only improve your interior, but can also enhance your home’s landscape by adding a beautiful trellis and surround it with a brick patio. Meet with our team of architects and contractors in Orange County and we can help you reach the best home addition solution based on your unique situation and budget.
Don’t trouble yourself with house hunting, extra expenses and moving hassles. Stay in your current home and simply invest in your property by adding a home addition that will make it looking new and at the same time making it extremely functional. The team of Cedar Construction is here to help you find a solution to your lack-of-space dilemma.
We promise that your home project will be so beautiful that your guests will be overstaying their visit!
For more information or to schedule a free estimate, call us in Orange County today!
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